Quilling Time OR Quilling the Time

Past few months, I have been quilling my time in quilling time :), literally.

have made 2 of my medium scale projects .

Both of them are clocks, hence making the beautiful art work  useful too.

And  the best  part about making a quilled clock  is ,that you always have a reason to look at your art work.

Other people too, will look up to it, at least a few times a day  :).

The first one is a flowery vine snaking up in the middle of the creation . The size of the project is 16″ X  12″ ( approx.).


The Flowers are quilled with 3mm strips in flamingo pink. 2 strips have been used for 1 petal (approx.50 cms).

The petal has been wrapped in a 3mm strip of deep red,

The pollen part is made of 5mm strip, which has been fringed and tightly rolled.

The leaves are also made from 3mm strips in various shades of green, each leaf wrapped in a contrasting shade strip.

Tendrils have been made using 3 mm strips using this technique here.


The middle 3 flowers have 3 concentric rings of petals.

The flowers on ends of the vine are made of 2 concentric rings and 1 ring respectively. These flowers have a 5mm flat base pearl in the centre instead of pollen.

The small grassy flowers are made using different colored 3mm strips, rolled and moulded using a mini quilling mould.

The have attached to a 24 no. floral wire.

The small yellow flowers are made using 5 mm strips in lemon yellow, fringed rolled and inserted into a quilled and moulded green strip as base.

The floral branch design on right below has been spray painted using Floral bunch design  stencil from Fevicryl Hobby Ideas .

The dial has been procured from rainbowcraftkari.

The needles and clock machinery has been bought from Nirmal Stationers.

The background is made of handmade paper brought from a nearby card shop.

Making this clock is approx. 40 hours of work , but may vary depending on your speed of quilling.

From my own experience I will say that the best strategy for making large projects is to quill all parts and then assemble them.

In my next post will post the details of my second clock.


2 thoughts on “Quilling Time OR Quilling the Time

  1. Beautiful work. You r so patient to quill so much for a single project. I am also interested in quilling but u know I am not that much creative. tried earrings like stuff. Your work is amazing that too with a clock.


    1. Thanks a lot dear. Please do let me your name , addressing you as mycraftworks seems a bit weird :P. I quill the big projects in parts. Whenever I get some time , I quill a leaf or two , some petals or other components . And then in last I assemble all of them. For creativity part, try to take inspiration from nature. Also , you can join Pinterest, By having a look at other people quilling , you can get new ideas and inspirations . Do post me a link of your work , I an sure it will be as beautiful as your comment 🙂


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