Aromatic quilled Orchids : Mini card

Orchids are in the list of almost everyone’s fav flowers list. Though the color of the favorite orchid may vary.

I wanted to make a quilled card but not too big. So zeroed on creating 2 mini cards of 6 X 6 inches .For the design I chose a small bunch of flowers, and a branch of orchid.

For the orchid design , I chose an orchid with white petals and sepals, & with pink lips.

For petals used 3mm strip of white colour, of almost 30 inches.Rolled a tight coil, and then shaped it into almost a pie shape. I made 2 petals like that.


For the sepals, rolled a 3mm strip of almost 20 inches, into a tight coil, and shaped it into a marquise. Made 3 sepals.

I Made 3 buds too, using 15 inches of 3mm strip, tightly coiled and, into marquise shape.For the pink lips, used 7-8 inches of pink strip, coiled and shaped into marquise.  I made 2 for each flower. For the branch, used some floral wire, and wrapped it in green floral tape.

Attached the buds at the further most tips and then the flowers.

For the card used a cardstock (not sure about the GSM about 140 GSM), made a card of about 6 X 6 inches, using the pen knife .Scored it from middle to give a nice crisp fold. Cut out some pattern paper using a scallop edged scissors, to give a nice background.


The whole card came out more than expected and I am quite happy with the result.

In next post will showcase the second mini quilled card.

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