Mini card series : Pink and white floral bunch

After the orchid card, I was set on making the second card.

I chose  a small mixed bunch of flowers of pink and white color.


The pink flowers are made from 3mm strips, almost 12 inches long.

It has been coiled tight and shaped into a petal shape . Five petals have been used  to form the outer corolla and  five for the inner corolla.


A 10mm  yellow strip had been fringed and rolled, to make the stamen part of the flower.

The white flowers have been made using 3mm strips, 20 cm long, tightly coiled, pinched at one end.


Five of them forms the flower, the stamen is made from fringed 10mm strip of pink color.

The leaves have been made using simple marquise shaped coils of quilling strips. The leaves are made in two shades of green.

For the buds, pink strips, 12 cm long have been rolled tightly, pinched at 2 opposite ends.


two petals are joined with their concave ends on the outside part.

For the sepal part, a green colored tight coil, shaped into a cone has been used.

The card has been given a cute overload by adding a green lace in the bottom. 🙂

I hope you will like this quick yet equally cute design.

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