Quilling the TIME : II

I first saw the real hydrangea flowers, 2 years back at a local flower market, and since then, I am  mesmerised with their beauty and brilliant colours.

As real ones are not readily available in India, hence I took help of Google to study the images of hydrangea flowers and after a few attempts was successfully able to quill them.

I made the flowers in 3 different colours: dark purple, medium purple and lavender.


The flowers have been made using 2mm strips, of approx. 40 inches. I glued 3 strips for getting the length. Each petal has been made using a tight coil, which was shaped into a  marquise with a little curves. Pushed the centre a bit outwards using the thumb and forefinger. Then applied a coat of glue on the outer (convex) side .I glued 4 petals to make the flower .A small tight coil of the white strip was added on top to complete the flower. I made close to 100 flowers for this project.

For leaves, I have attached many long marquise shaped coils, to give shape of leaf.


To add some more colour to the project, I made a pop colour butterfly .I made the wing shape by attaching different shapes and different colored  quilled coils. The body was made using two quilled cones attached from their broader ends. The butterfly has been made using 3 mm strips.

For designing the bunches, I cut some round discs from polystyrene (thermocol) sheet , in ascending sizes. Painted them black ( as my canvas was black in colour) and then attached two  ascending size discs , one on top of the another. After that, I  pasted my flowers on those attached discs, hence creating a 3D floral arrangement.


The frame corners are MDF cut-outs, procured from nearby crafts shops,same goes for the dial and the needles and clock machinery too. The black canvas in the background is also purchased from craft stores.

The needles, the dial, the Corners, the white pollen part of flowers have been painted with Asian Glo paint. It’s a phosphorescent paint, which means that it absorbs energy from light when light is available and emits back that energy in the form of light when none is there. In simple terms, this clock glows in the dark.


My next intended project is also a quilled clock. I am thinking to utilise the beautiful cherry blossoms for that project. I am hoping to make it by year end. Let’s see what THE TIME allows , as TIME is the most powerful  of all .  🙂

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