Revisiting cross stitch

I  first learnt cross stitch when I was 9 years old, at my school’s activity class.

Afterwards, every few years, I used to get fascinated by the cross stitch art and made 2-3 artifacts in a go. I usually made mats, table cloth, wall hangings, etc.  using cross stitch embroidery.

Recently, I bought an old issue of The World of Cross stitching magazine and all the wonderful designs and patterns provided in it, made my hands itch to stitch! 🙂

With my Mom’s birthday approaching fast, I decided even faster to stitch a quick cross stitch pattern and use it for making her card.


I choose a beautiful blue vase filled with red flowers.It was a simple and striking design and it took only 4 hours to stitch.

I cut a square of  7″ x 5″ from the plastic canvas of 10 count ( 10 HPI) and stitched my design on it.

Then, using a white card stock I made a three-fold card of 12″ x 7″.In the middle part, I cut an aperture of 6″ x 4″ in the upper half, using an x-to knife, and then mounted by cross stitch pattern using a double sided tape.

Added some golden lace around the aperture and a mulberry rose in white to each corner of the aperture with 2 quilled leaves in green.


Then, wrote some nice expressions using an ink pen, and the card was ready 🙂

I hope you will like this new experiment in card making.

P.S: The last Snap is not very crisp and clear as it has been taken by my  phone’s camera. In the excitement  to present her with this card, I totally forgot to do the card’s photoshoot 🙂 Accept the apologies.

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