Season of LOVE

Hello Dear friends,

It has been a very busy 2 months for me. Started many new quilling projects and some in cross stitch too. Still trying to finish them. It seems like I have swallowed more than I can chew.

My busy schedule did not permit me to get the cards ready in time for my husband, on our anniversary and his birthday. Well, honestly, I tried to stitch him a cross stitch birthday card, but while doing backstitching, totally messed it up :(. Instead of a cute teddy bear, it looks like a haggled rat: P.

So, in all, no card = grumpy and disappointed hubby.

So, this Valentine’s day, I laboriously made sure, to get a card ready in time, especially for him.

Cross stitched entwined hearts .
Cross stitched entwined hearts .

In sync with my current passion of cross stitch, my new card is also made out of a cross stitch pattern.


The design was taken from TWOCS magazine.


The reason to choose this design was that it was not too girly and it has such beautiful sayings embedded in it.

The design was perfect for the day dedicated for the celebration of love.

I hope you will like this new card.

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