Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Roses are among the most favorite flowers. They represent  beauty & grace. The different colors of roses represent various emotions, like red for love, white for innocence and so on.DSC06548

My new cross stitch card has pink roses, which represent grace and joy. It also has some gypsophila  branches in it, to make the combination a stunning one.DSC06532

Gypsophila branches are my favorite bouquet fillers. Their delicate white flowers add loads of grace to bouquets.You can see my love for Gypsophila in my earlier posts on my other blog I love clicking them.


The cross stitch pattern has been mounted in an oval frame handmade card.  The card is 3 fold card, with an oval window in the middle fold.The cardstock  is of light custard color. This cardstock was purchased from Nirmal Stationers. 

The cross stitch pattern is picked from a very  old Cross Stitch collection magazine ( issue 33, 1997) lying with me for a long time. It’s embroidered on a light cream colored Aida fabric with 11 count or 11 holes per inch. The oval cutout has been additionally decorated with Champagne colored stick-ons rhinestones.

This card looks very classic and feminine. It’s ideal for a Mother’s day or gifting to a female friend on her birthday.

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