Bunny Love CROSSED!

After making a few cross stitch cards, my palms were itching to stitch something new and useful.

I decided to stitch my old favorite, a 3 pocket wall hanging, which can be used to store small objects.


I stitched a small bunny rabbit sitting in the grass with a heart shaped balloon in his hand.I chose this design from the 200th edition of  TWOCS magazine.

The cream colored 10 count jute fabric used for making this hanging.


The design area was around 6.5″ x 6″, so I cut 3 (10″x 10″) pieces out of the fabric.

The original design has a red balloon, but as I have to make  3 pockets, I made one in red, second in pink and third one in yellow.


After finishing the embroidery, I stitched a cotton cloth on the back side of the pockets to secure the embroidery from damages.


I got the pockets stitched on a 40″ x 15″ piece of jute fabric by my mom.I do not own a Sewing machine as of now, hence not very comfortable with sewing art.

In the upper part of the hanging, a loop was made in the fabric. A small dried tree branch was used in addition with some twine to make a rustic looking handle.

I gifted it to my dear husband, whose rogue socks were presenting a very untidy sight in his wardrobe almirah

So, now this bunny has gathered all socks within his pockets, hanging neatly in his wardrobe.

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