Building mountains of Stash

When you get a taste of all these artsy -crafty hobbies, you can’t resist yourself from buying all kinds of pretty stuff you lay your eyes on , whether online or  at stores.

Since last year , when I started my craft hobbies, my stash has been growing at an alarming rate .From  taking one small corner of the cupboard, it’s now occupying almost half of my 2.5m X 1m X 1m cupboard and some other places too.

In India, sometimes it gets difficult to get many craft accessories, craft paper, paper cutters, fabrics etc.

Earlier, I used to buy most of the stuff from online stores, but let’s admit it, their profit margins are quite high ( maybe due to low competition and availability issues), and we end up  spending quite an amount from our bank balances.

So after spending almost 10k on craft materials online , I was in constant search of a better and cheaper store available locally, and one day in July, an FB message was my saving grace.

The message was from the owner of Nirmal Stationers, who told me about all the craft material available at his store in Old Delhi area.

After visiting the shop, I was amazed to find the huge difference in costs of craft materials  compared with online stuff I bought.

Well, this amazing shop is located at Nai Sarak , in Chandni chowk area of  Delhi (national capital of India).


In fact, the whole area has numerous shops dealing with paper, craft tools, quilling stuff, etc, and that too at very low costs.

Well , the costs also depends upon the quality of stuff you want, it’s obvious that Martha Stewart will cost more than Chinese stuff.But compared to online shops for the same quality & Brand you can expect to find  the prices almost half.

Now coming back to Nirmal stationers, this small shop stocks unthinkable  range of stuff. I wonder, is it like the tents in Harry Potter’s quidditch world cup :).

It has a complete range of crafts like  decoupage, quilling , sosespo, mixed media,punchcraft, jewellery making, flower making, paper crafts, and many more types of arts which I don’t even know about, till now.

Quilling ribbons in various colors and sizes.

They also have lots of pattern papers, cardstock of various GSM and colors,  cutting tools of various kinds, Martha Stewart punches, scoring boards, cutting mats, Charms, MDF cutouts, distress inks, stamps, twines, ribbons, tapes, washi tapes, and the list is enormous.

Stamping Inkpads , they have tim holtz ones too.
Washi Tapes
Beautiful pattern papers
Doilies , small tealight holders withh chains, various punch’s samples.
Martha Stewart scoring board, MDF cutouts, artificial flowers, flower making wires, Mini cupboards for Decoupage purpose. The one here are already decoupaged and gifted by his customers for display purpose.


The owner of the shop, Mr. Kapil Tandon, is a very knowledgeable person in matters of crafts, and can give you  sound tips about the cheaper alternatives to the expensive stuff, as well as creative ideas with the stuff you bought.

He keenly shows all the latest stuff arrived in the shop. So, you end up buying up more than you have gone for.

So, if you are living in Delhi or nearby areas and are a craft enthusiastic, do visit the Chawri Bazaar area in Old Delhi’s Chandni chowk  for a better bargain on the craft stuff. Well, we all love to save some pennies, don’t we. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Building mountains of Stash

    1. Hello Mini, unfortunately they do not stock the cross stitch supplies. There are some shops in Kinari Bazar area of Chandni chowk, which stock entire range of Anchor threads, plus other embroidery supplies like hoops, needles etc. I have been to them numerous times but never looked up at the shop name . I remember their locations. For the cross stitch fabric, the evenweave fabric available in India are Dosuti and linen and for Aida you have matty . I got my matty fabric from a shop in East Delhi , For dosuti , there are some shops in Cloth market area of Chandni chowk , which stock dosuti of various counts, most common being 32hpi. Next time when I will visit them, I will get you their names and addresses.


  1. hello neha,,,thnkyu for the blog ..plz tell me will i get scrapbook making designer papers and craft material related to scrapbook making for my kid as a school project..i want to visit this saturday ..will i get in retail or is it the wholesale shop wanting me buy in lott..plz reply asap…


    1. Hey can get it all their and if you don’t find what you like in this particular shop, then there are many other paper stuff related shops in neighborhood. This shop does retailing as well as wholesale. You can buy stuff only you want to not the whole lot. Best of luck. Do call shop owner before going, for directions and to confirm opening time of shop.


  2. hey neha , just found your page across google searching, just want to know, do you have stuff for card making like paper punches, carft paper for 100 t0 300 GSM, paper cutting mats as well as envelop tools,
    Press Embosser Tool , stencils, clear stamps MEANS everything that needed for card making, so, can you reply me back your website/facebook page/contact so check the stuff you have and plan to visit your location ASAP


    1. Hello Preeti,

      This post is about a vendor in old Delhi area. I personally do not sell craft material. You can contact the Shop owner at the numbers given in image in post. He will be happy to guide you about materials , price and any other info you require.Also , there are clickable links in post which will take you the fB page of the store.But the photos there are not even 1% of the stuff he has in his shop, so I will advice to call him . He even sends material via courier in case you can’t visit the shop.



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