Upcycling nature

Nowadays almost everything we buy, comes in a packaging. From daily bread to the new LED TVs, everything is packed. Mostly in plastic and cardboard stuff . We tend to throw the empty packaging into dustbins, without realising  how much waste we are generating. In India, there is no garbage sorting, so biodegradable and nonbiodegradable both go in the same container. 😦

But, in India we do have our own recycling methods  to  reduce the packaging waste. The polybags are kept and recycled to store and carry other items in future, papers are collected and sold to the local recyclers ( who gives you cash in exchange for it 🙂 ), empty plastic or glass jars are washed and used for storing dry groceries, empty metal cans and broken chinaware are  used for planting small daily use herbs. I remember my parents  used our old stone sink for planting turmeric and ginger.

After I learnt decoupage  last year, I have found a new way to recycle or as we say UPCYCLE. In upcycling, old things which are considered waste are  turned into more useful  items.

I use decoupage art to decorate the old  boxes, etc, so they can be used for various purposes, and also to give them a beauty makeover. So, you can even proudly display them  on your dresser.

Recently, I bought my first printer which has water-resistant ink. The day it arrived, since then I was getting impatient to try the prints for  decoupage.

I had these 2 cylindrical packaging, one made of cardboard and other of tin, which I collected and brought  from my Mum’s house for upcycling.

The long tube used to hold chocolate sticks and the tin was the packaging of Rasgullas ( an Indian sweet).

For the long tube, I printed one vintage  sweet little bird sitting on a branch full of violets and a poem written beside it .I painted the tube with  light mint green acrylic paint. Two coats were enough to  hide the original print. Then,  I used mod podge to stick the printed design to it.


After it dried, coated the entire tube with Daler Rowney’s decoupage medium for waterproof sealing. In between , I sanded the tube to give a smooth finish.


For the tin can, I printed  some miniature vintage  postcards, and cut them individually. Painted the can with dark mustard yellow acrylic paint, and did the same procedure as for the tube.


But this time I used, watered down version of fevicol ( a PVA glue brand available easily and cheaply in India ) as the sealer. I must say that it worked well and even provided a nearly matte finish.


I love decoupauging , especially when used for upcycling.It gives double joy, one to create something beautiful and second, doing your part in saving  mother earth.

And I have a third reason too , as I am so happy that my printer inks do not run while applying glue to them :).

I hope this post will inspire you to turn junk at your home into something useful and beautiful .:)


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