Back to School !

Hello everyone,

It has been a long time since I made a post. I have been doing a lot of projects lately but as  my dear companion ‘The Laptop’ was busy going  crazy & haywire, was not able to post the details of those projects. So, BEWARE fellows,  there will be now  a torrent of posts 🙂

My new  project involves cross stitching and sewing. I made 2 pencil pouches adorned with embroidered motifs. These cases were made especially for my visiting nephew and niece, who came to India to spend their summer holidays.


This was my first solo sewing project. I am not very well acquainted  working with the sewing machine. But this time, I decided to take the challenge.

For each of the pouch, I cross stitched  Alphabets and a small motifs.

All the embroidery has been done using cross stitch  on 32-count dosuti fabric ( a kind of even weave fabric available readily in India )

For my nephew, I chose a dark olive green cloth for the pencil case . I stitched his first name’s first alphabet ‘N’ in blue and green. The alphabet pattern has a pen in it, which goes well with the school theme. For the motif, I embroidered a budding scientist performing experiments in School’s Science lab.



For my niece, I chose a bright  floral print  cloth for the pouch base. I cross-stitched her name’s first alphabet ‘A’ in shades of pink and violets.For her pouch, I cross stitched a small cutie fairy (just like her) sitting beside the bluebell flowers.



The alphabets and the boy motif  was chosen from The World of Cross Stitching magazines.The fairy  was taken from  Joan Elliot’s  ‘Cross stitch Fairies ‘ book.

The pencil case designs are  very simple. I have joined 2 rectangular pieces  together, with a zip attached on top. Still, this simple task  took  me 5+ hours, due to my inexperience with sewing.

But, the reactions from my niece and nephew, made my efforts worthwhile. 🙂

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