Chirping Beauties

It’s another three-pocket hanging  🙂

I love them since my childhood..It’s like I can never make them enough.They are beautiful, easy and fast to make and are very useful too.


This time the theme is birds.The stitches used are cross stitches.I stitched different bird designs on each pocket.The base material or fabric used is jute fabric.It’s approximate 11 count.

The jute fabric is one of my favorite for cross stitching, it’s easy to work with, you don’t need the hoop and it is easy to count stitches.

It’s cheap too, especially in India. The cream/white jute is a bit costlier than the brown one.The only drawback for it will be that it cannot be washed, only dry cleaned.Hence, I use it for the projects which will need cleaning almost once a year.

Now for the designs, they have been picked up from Cross Stitch and needlework magazine (edition May 2013). They have been given in as coasters design, so the symmetrical design area worked well for the hanging.

The first pocket has a tiny hungry hummingbird hovering over bright orange-red flowers of trumpet vine , collecting maybe his morning breakfast.


On the second pocket is an eastern bluebird sitting pretty on a flower laden branch of supposedly a blooming cherry tree.DSC07132

The third pocket has an American goldfinch , sitting in blue cornflowers.


All the cross stitches have been done with 4 strands of anchor’s stranded cotton skeins.Thankfully these designs had no back stitching. Though back stitching  bring out the beauty of the design, but I find it quite tedious, and to be honest, a bit confusing. :).

This time I stitched this hanging myself, unlike the previous one which was stitched with my mother’s help. All the time sitting her by side and watching her sew has paid off.

“Mom, be proud of me.” 🙂

And, for another detail, I stitched a cream cotton lining under the pockets to brighten up the embroidery. It helps in covering the holes of the fabric and as prevents embroidered back from damage.For the handle, I  used a dried branch from a tree, and tied a twine to hang it.

All finished and ready to use! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Chirping Beauties

    1. Dear Kalpana thanks for your appreciative words. I am do sorry can’t mail the pattern as it will be copyright violation. You can buy the magazine’s digital edition on play store or apple store.


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