Cuddle Up

My poor laptop is in coma again and I don’t think it’s gonna revive this time. 😦
Well latest news,   few months back, I caught the sewing bug.  I even bought a sewing machine for myself. A singer brilliance 6180. It’s an amazing one. With 80 built in stitches and almost  30 different foot attachments,  it will take me a considerable time to learn all tricks to use them.

OK, so my latest creation is a cushion cover or throw pillow cover  with a cross stitched design stitched  by me on my new new machine 🙂

IMG_20160202_204442 (1)

The design has been picked up from  CrossStitcher Magazine . I picked up this design because it has big blocks of same color and hence took a little time to finish.

The combination of pink and green is attractive and soothing at the same time.

I used 32 count even-weave cloth , Dosuti, for it .

Dosuti is an even-weave available readily in India.  Do = two and, suti = cotton , so this cloth has 2 cotton strands in each weave , hence got it’s name,

The finished size is 15 inches X 15 Inches , it fits a 16 inches square  throw pillow or cushion very well. As a fact, always make the finished size of a cushion cover, almost equal or less than it’s measure, so the cover fits  the cushion snugly.


I have added a pink piping/cording to this cushion. I have made this piping using a thick cord ( 2 cm diameter) , and some pink fabric.

For learning how to make your own  piping , see this   Piping tutorial . Else you can always buy readymade piping from local tailoring material shops, in matching colors.

I used a double piping foot to attach it . You can see how to use a piping foot here. If you don’t have a piping foot , use your normal zipper foot to make a piping, like this.

Double Piping Foot

I have made use of concealed zipper or an invisible zipper in this one. I like zippered covers more than the envelope design , as zippered ones give a  better fit .

Invisible Zipper foot

Sewing an invisible zipper may seem like a  mammoth task at first, but actually it’s very simple, if you  first understand the logic behind it and use the foot specially made for this task.

This tutorial by Singer is an excellent one, follow this  and sewing invisible zipper will be a breeze.

If you are new at sewing, I will advise you, to get some cheap fabric and try making simple cushion covers with it.

I stitched almost 10-12 simple cushions before moving on to my precious cross stitched fabric 🙂

I also made 2 pink pillows with white piping to complete the set for my bed.


And now they sit on top of bed PRETTY IN PINK.



Neha .

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6 thoughts on “Cuddle Up

  1. Neha, the cushion is so lovely. You chose a beautiful pattern and the sewing is so neat. So glad to see you are making good use of the sewing machine. I have thinking to buy one since long.

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      1. Forgot to add that thanks for the useful links.
        I commented on your quilling post also. It was sent as a message, don’t know why.

        Liked by 1 person

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