Quilled Love


I am back to quilling after a long time. 🙂

Last few months was busy learning new skills,  never got time to quill anything , though inspirations were galore.Even my husband also noticed and asked me that why I am not quilling anymore , so this valentine’s day I decide to make him a quilled card.But I did not want to do the already quilled ones like flower bouquets etc., so I thought of something new : Quilled Typography.


This is my second typography attempt in quilling technique. My first one was not satisfactory , hence it went to my other  blog Experimentsofallkinds.

After that, I  watched many tutorials for learning typography , some used a plastic sheet to cover printed letters, some used pins etc, but this final tutorial just clicked with me.

For this project, I have used mix of 3mm and 5 mm quilling strips. Mainly because, I did not have stock of different colors in 5 mm strips at that time.

For letters in the middle , I used 5 mm strips . I used red color to outline them (color of love  🙂 ).


This typography is a negative space typography, where you keep the inner space of alphabets empty and fill the outer space completely to highlight the empty space.

For the roses, I have again used 5 mm strips , with color gradient, in which one side starts from dark shade of color and travelling through the strip the color starts fading and in the end it is at the lightest shade of that color. The roses are also made using quilling technique.


For other foliage I have used 3 mm strips in various colors, I have made some twirls , some leaves, some side looped circles, some tight rolls, some loose rolls. I just made a lot of them, in different colors and filled the space with them in random fashion.


The hubby was super excited to see it, and now it adorns our bedroom wall in a super cute frame. 🙂


See ya.


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7 thoughts on “Quilled Love

  1. This is so beautiful! The colours are amazing, it all looks so vibrant and wild, as if it’s still growing even as you took the photograph. Congratulations on such lovely work

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Shwetaa,

      Thanks for your appreciative words. 🙂
      Yes, I know you are Neha’s sister, Neha and I were batchmates in Infosys in Mysore.
      I read your blog on train journey experience and had put a lengthyyy comment 😛 .
      I am from Delhi.


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