Floral Galore


Today,  I am sharing a new type of art: Flower Making . I have crafted a bouquet of roses from crepe paper.




Once you get a hang of them, they are pretty simple to make. Just cut out some Petals,  shape them and stick them together.

THAT’S ALL.  🙂 Really

Well, there is, some amount  of work you will need to do,  esp to collect the supplies.



  • crepe paper/ duplex paper sheets – in shades of pink ( you can be adventurous and choose some  exciting shades too ) .
  • green crepe paper ( for sepals)
  • Floral wire : thick ones
  • floral tape ( green )
  • glue or glue gun

So start by drawing Petals on crepe paper. For these kinds of roses you can use a pattern like this:


Pardon my bad drawing .

Cut Petals in 3 sizes. While drawing and cutting, be cautious about the grain of paper,  it should be vertical. Or of you can figure it out,  just stretch your crepe paper,  the direction in which it is stretchy,  draw Petals perpendicular to that.


An efficient way to cut several leaves or petals at a time  is, by stacking several pieces of crepe paper and cutting through all layers at once.

Cut out your sepals like this pattern on a green crepe paper.


Shape the petals with your fingers,  making a cup kind of formation.Use your thumbs to push into the center of the petal and your fingers to stretch the paper away from the thumbs, hence making a cup.

Flute the edges, so they will give a ruffled effect. Hold the edge of the petal between the thumbs and forefingers of both hands. Stretch the paper gently along the edge of the petal.
Now starting with smallest ones,  wrap them around your wire using glue.


Try to study a rose flower and copy the wrapping arrangement.  After all nature is the best teacher.



And stick them underneath your flower, tightly.Wrap floral tape to the wire and Voila! your are done :).



I have painted an old milk bottle with Spray-on gold paint , and used it as vase for my pretty flowers.




4 thoughts on “Floral Galore

    1. Thanks Bharti. And it’s not just words, they are very easy to make. Also you can substitute supplies, like use broomsticks instead of wire, green paper strips instead of floral tape. Crepe paper I guess will remain constant.


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