Cuddly valentine

This blog post and cross stitch, both are  dedicated to my Husband, Saurabh Malhotra. Happy V-day and XOX.

Hello Stitcher friends,

My latest finished task is a cross stitched  frame, having 2 very very cuddly  Fizzy Moon teddies , celebrating the V day :).


This was actually the very first cross stitch of mine ( of adult phase), which I started in  winters of 2014. It was complete by, Summers of 2015, in between I wandered off to many other hobbies and activities. Then, first I thought to make a tote bag using it. But that plan never even took off . Then, I thought to stitch it into a cushion cover, but then looking after the state of cushions on my bed , which were sat upon , wrestled with , thrown to the ground whenever their work was over, I changed my mind. It was  devastating enough to even imagine my sweet  fruit of hard work, lying like that, let alone see it actually in that state(s).


So, Finally in Rainy season of 2016 , it was off to the framing shop, where it was framed wrong, then was lost, found , still framed wrong, framed right, no time to pick it up from shop, relying on hubby dearest to get it for me , to finally got it, whew!! :P.

So, After all these stages, still the search to find the right place to hang it still pending.The peg already in wall ,is too big for the hole in holder. So, either a new peg or new holder on back of frame is the need of the hour.

Nonetheless, Proudly present the V day special , two fizzy moon bears on a date . πŸ™‚


The pattern is from The world of cross stitching ( Issue no. 200). The cloth is 11 count matty cloth.It’s like Aida but softer. Anchor threads have been used, and some substitutions have been made for some colors, as not all Anchor shades are  available in India.

I hope all of you have very cuddly and fun-filled V day :, like these two sweet teddies.

Bye Bye

Neha .

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