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Living Room Wall Decor

Hello , Back after a long hiatus, with loads of life altering changes in between , some new ones added, some dear ones lost, change of habitat, etc., etc.

This complex and multi piece project took a long time to design and then, more time to process it into reality. But the outcome is worth the wait.

The wooden letter blocks were sourced from a nearby thrift market and painted with acrylic based chalk paint ( DIY chalk Paint Recipe Here) . all designs on blocks are done by hand , the distressing, the hearts etc.

The floral loop has been upcycled from an old embroidery ring’s half , as other half of it was decimated by my little one. Used some satin ribbon and some artificial florals from an old bunch.

The macramé hanging has been bought from Amazon.

The Photo frames are all assorted from various sources like , amazon & various local thrift markets. The posters in them all have been printed at home using our Cannon printer.

The main key while doing such collage work is to mark the outer boundaries and make sure that outer edges of all the artifacts match those lines, the ones in center can be juggled. Such collages look like they have been put up roughly, in no fixed pattern but it does take a lot of tape measuring and pencil to put it up.

All this wall needs now is a good light source, instead the LED baton fixed now. Due to current COVID-19 pandemic it has been tough going to markets, hence will have to wait till it gets over.( fingers crossed)

Stay Safe and Be (Corona)Negative. 😛

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