Vintage Cheeseboard Décor

Hello, Its autumn time here , air getting drier and it means its perfect for creating decoupage projects , because they need multiple layers of glue and paint which will dry faster in this weather.

We bought an old cheeseboard from the thrift market , Banjara Market in our area, in Feb this year , just the starting of dreaded COVID 😦 . It was lying for long ,waiting for it’s turn to be transformed into something useful.
My first instinct was to turn it into a mason jar décor , with a mason jar attached to it ,and put some string lights and flowers /seashells etc. But the clamp we need to attach the mason jar is hard to come by , is not available online anywhere and its quite risky to browse the local markets for it , given India is peaking in Covid cases right now.

So long story short, as necessary supplies were out of reach , I turned my attention to ‘At home’ supplies and the good old decoupage technique. The best part was that my 2 year old helped me in painting the base coats 🙂

BTW, I have done a lot of studying and research in my non-DIY period to get my technique fine tuned, and as a result the outcome was much better than my early DIYs.

See it for yourself 🙂

For the Side 2, I used a distressing technique using candle wax. In this first the board is painted with a dark shade and after drying, rub the surface with candle wax in abstract pattern, repaint with lighter shade, and rub with a sandpaper after it dries. I have used some modeling paste , to give a 3D texture of a brick wall. The Vintage look has been given using dry brush/sponge technique with acrylic colors.

Side 1 , I have used crackling effect , using simple acrylic paint and glue . You paint first with dark paint, dry, cover with glue and let the glue get tacky, and then paint with light color. Dry with a blow-dryer for faster drying or you can also leave it as it as. As it will start drying the crackle will start appearing. You can also reverse the colors, light on base and dark on top, but then the tissue paper design may not be visible clearly. On this after gluing down the tissue paper, I have used stencils with modeling paste and then shaded with acrylics using same dry brush/sponge technique.

Any queries, please ask me in comments. Will love to help .


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