DIY pretty Welcome Sign

Hello fellow DIYers,

Hope all are doing fine.

With pandemic on backtrack, and a new baby added to family, weekdays and weekends, all have got super busy, hardly any time to devote to DIY. I have to do such stuff in parts, one paint coat one day another maybe after 10 days or so, next step at maybe after a month ( joys of motherhood, you see !! 😛 ) .

Hence, the DIY output has reduced drastically , but its all good. 🙂
I bought some MDF circles from Amazon, to finally complete one of my loooong pending DIY ‘An Embroidery Hoop’. It needed some firm backing, tried with a cardboard but not very clean look, so opted for precut MDF circles. And finally it was complete .

So, as the circles came in a pack of 6 , was left with some blanks, and opted to turned them to pretty beautiful welcome signs. Did some research on Pinterest, and finalized some designs for inspiration. My love for anything floral is very evident I guess, so they are my obvious firsts.

As my son has a better hand control now with his preschool almost finished, I engaged him too in this activity. He helped me in painting the blanks with base coat.
He was very excited after doing it and wanted to do more , but we have limited space to let them dry , (as another toddler is prowling in the jungle , hahaha ) we stopped at 2.

Used chalk paint by Itsy Bitsy for base coat and final coats ( you can also use acrylic paint , fabric paint ) , some artificial florals from Amazon and ribbons are also from Amazon. Also used some left over décor stuff , like dried twig. from an old bouquet of floral décor, leftover Christmas tree decorations , etc. Don’t invest much in initial stage, try to reuse stuff around house and only when you are confident get more stuff. You can also use any old wooden roti chakla / rolling base for this .

Here are the 2 beauties we created:


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