Floral Galore

Hello, Today,  I am sharing a new type of art: Flower Making . I have crafted a bouquet of roses from crepe paper.     Once you get a hang of them, they are pretty simple to make. Just cut out some Petals,  shape them and stick them together. THAT’S ALL.  🙂 Really Well, there is, some amount  of work you will need to do,  esp … Continue reading Floral Galore

A Cream & Cocoa Posy

Hello All, Here is one more quilled card. It was quilled a while ago , waiting for the perfect occasion which could justify it’s beauty :). This one has been done in shades of browns and cream , hence, lending the card an elegant and smooth appearance. The quilling strips used for all the flowers are of 3 mm width. The big flower in brown has … Continue reading A Cream & Cocoa Posy

Quilled Love

Hi, I am back to quilling after a long time. 🙂 Last few months was busy learning new skills,  never got time to quill anything , though inspirations were galore.Even my husband also noticed and asked me that why I am not quilling anymore , so this valentine’s day I decide to make him a quilled card.But I did not want to do the already … Continue reading Quilled Love

Back to School !

Hello everyone, It has been a long time since I made a post. I have been doing a lot of projects lately but as  my dear companion ‘The Laptop’ was busy going  crazy & haywire, was not able to post the details of those projects. So, BEWARE fellows,  there will be now  a torrent of posts 🙂 My new  project involves cross stitching and sewing. I made … Continue reading Back to School !

Revisiting cross stitch

I  first learnt cross stitch when I was 9 years old, at my school’s activity class. Afterwards, every few years, I used to get fascinated by the cross stitch art and made 2-3 artifacts in a go. I usually made mats, table cloth, wall hangings, etc.  using cross stitch embroidery. Recently, I bought an old issue of The World of Cross stitching magazine and all … Continue reading Revisiting cross stitch