Revisiting cross stitch

I ¬†first learnt cross stitch when I was 9 years old, at my school’s activity class. Afterwards, every few years, I used to get fascinated by the cross stitch art and made 2-3 artifacts in a go. I usually made mats, table cloth, wall hangings, etc. ¬†using cross stitch embroidery. Recently, I bought an old issue of The World of Cross stitching magazine and all … Continue reading Revisiting cross stitch

Quilling Time OR Quilling the Time

Past few months, I have been¬†quilling¬†my time in quilling time :), literally. I¬†have¬†made 2 of my medium scale projects . Both of them are clocks, hence making the beautiful art work ¬†useful too. And ¬†the best¬†¬†part about making a quilled clock ¬†is¬†,that you always have a reason to look at your art work. Other people too, will¬†look¬†up to¬†it,¬†at least¬†a few times a day ¬†:). The … Continue reading Quilling Time OR Quilling the Time